Secwepemc Map
Since time Immemorial (2)














Sound Recordings courtesy of Secwepemc Cultural Education Society and Mona Jules, Simpcw First Nation (Click on word to the right to hear the traditional Secwepemc pronounciation)

SNTC Member Bands:

  • Simpcw – Simpcw First Nation

Other Shuswap Bands:

  • Tsq’éscen – Canim Lake Indian Band
  • Stswécem’c/Xgét’tem’ – Canoe/Dog Creek
  • Esk’ét – Esk’etemc
  • Llenllenéy’ten – High Bar First Nation
  • Qw7ewt – Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band
  • Tsk’wéylecw – Pavilion First Nation
  • Xats’úll – Soda Creek Indian Band
  • T’éxel’c – Williams Lake Indian Band
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