Splatsin First Nation

The Splatsin First Nations people reside on Indian reserve lands adjacent to the City of Enderby to the south and across the Shuswap river to the east. Splatsin has over 700 members.

The Splatsin are the most southern tribe of the Shuswap Nation, the largest Interior Salish speaking First Nation in Canada whose aboriginal territory stretches from the BC/Alberta border near the Yellowhead Pass to the plateau west of the Fraser River, southeast to the Arrow Lakes and to the upper reaches of the Columbia River.

The Shuswap River was an integral transportation route used to travel from village to village and to food gathering areas of the Splatsin.

The Splatsin or ‘Spallumcheen’, the anglisized name they are commonly referred to as, are governed by an elected Chief and Council.

The area of the reserve lands are as follows:

Salmon River Reserve #1 3853 acres or 1559.31 hectares
Enderby Reserve #2 5625 acres or 2276.44 hectares
Sicamous Reserve #3 201 acres or 81.34 hectares

Kukpi7 (Chief) Wayne M. Christian

Splatsin Chief Wayne ChristianWayne M. Christian is of Shuswap/Okanagan ancestry. He was elected to his third consecutive term in December 2009. One of Chief Christian’s greatest strengths is commitment that is firmly rooted in the values, principles and traditions of the Indigenous Nations. His leadership philosophy is based on inclusiveness, historical perspective, a strong belief in our Sovereign land title and rights that are governed by our laws, our values, culture, traditions and our connection with all of creation, he believes strongly that the solutions to the issues in the communities are rooted in the minds, hearts and spirits of the People who will deal with the Government’s legislative genocide.

He is known as a tireless and passionate advocate for recognition of Aboriginal Title and Rights at the political and grassroots levels for the Indigenous Nations and communities, and he believes that the children are our future and that the future is now.

Currently Kukpi7 (Chief) Christian serves on the following committees on behalf of the Splatsin community:

  • BC Interim Chiefs’ Council on Children & Family Wellness
  • Interim Health Governance Committee
  • First Nations Health Council
  • Shuswap Nation Tribal Council


Contact Information

Mailing Address: PO Box 460
Enderby, BC, V0E 1V0
Phone: (250) 838-6496
Fax: (250) 838-2131
General Information: email us
Chief: Wayne Christian
Councilors: George William
Jean Brown
Reno Lee
Daniel Joe
Lawrence (Randy) William
Website: www.splatsin.ca
Next Election Date: January 2016 (2 year term for C&C)