Aboriginal Skills Employment & Training Services (ASETS)

ASETS receives funds provided by Human Resources & Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) to provide training and employment opportunities to Aboriginal people within the Central Interior.

ASETS proactively negotiates and provides access to and distributes financial resources related to Aboriginal Human Resource Development, and advocates the enlargement and enrichment of Aboriginal Employment.

The objective of the ASETS agreement is to:

  1. Increase Aboriginal participation in the Canadian Labour Market.
  2. Strengthen and facilitate flexible programming that meets the unique and varied needs of Aboriginal people and employers.
  3. Provide employers with skilled workers.
ASETS Service Areas and First Nation Bands:

ASETS service areas in BC: Map and Contact Info

Vision Statement
We will work in partnership to increase self-reliance of Aboriginal people within the Central Interior
The ASETS agreement provides employment & training funding for all Aboriginal people on or off reserve, residing within the Central Interior service area including 30 local First Nations through sub-agreements with:

Shuswap Training Employment Program (STEP)

View STEP Page

Aboriginal Training Employment Centre (ATEC)

View ATEC page

Interior Salish Employment & Training Society (ISETS)

General Enquiries: Call: (250) 378-0469
Nicola Tribal Association Office: (250) 378-4235
Fax: (250) 378-9445
Website: http://www.isets.ca

Residential Office Address:
6916 Michel Road
Quilchena IR #1

Mailing address: 
Box 1803 Merritt
BC V1K 2B8


Lillooet, Lytton, Merritt, and Logan Lake


Employment and training assistance for Aboriginal clients

Harvey McLeod, ISETS Executive Director
E-mail: harvey@isets.ca
Work number (250) 378-4235 Local 107
Cell (250) 378-7219

Helen McLeod, Finance Manager
Telephone: (250) 378-0469
E-mail: helen@isets.ca
Cell (250) 378-7217
Fax. (250)378-9445

Georgina Beatty, Community Program Liaison
Telephone: (250) 378-4235 Ext. 111
E-mail: georgina@isets.ca

Jack Ned, Lillooet Job Coach/Facilitator
(250) 256-7506 Ext. 226

Ken Smith, Lytton Job Coach/Facilitator
(250) 455-2283

Leanne Joe, Merritt Job Coach/Facilitator
(250) 378-4235

Interior Salish Employment & Training Society
Box 1803 Merrit BC V1K 1B8
Office: (250) 378-4235 Ext. 111
Cell (250) 378-7332
Fax (250) 378-9119

First Nation Band Location
Bridge River Indian Band Lillooet
Cook’s Ferry Indian Band Lytton
Lytton First Nation Lytton
Ts’kw’aylaxw (Pavilion) Lillooet
Siska Indian Band Lytton
Xaxli’p (Fountain) Lillooet
Cayoose Creek Indian Band Lillooet
T’it’qe’t (Lillooet) Lillooet
Nicomen Indian Band Lytton
Seton Lake Indian Band Lillooet
Upper Nicola Indian Band Merritt
Lower Nicola Indian Band Merritt
Shackan Indian Band Merritt
Cold Water Indian Band Merritt
Nooaitch Indian Band Merritt
Kanaka Bar Indian Band Lytton

Fraser Thompson Indian Services Society (FTISS)

Mailing Address:
PO Box 430
Lytton BC, VOK 1Z0

Physical Adddress :
1632 St. George’s Road,
Lytton, BC V0K 1Z0

Don Sam
E-mail: donsam@nntc.ca
Telephone: (250) 455-2711
Fax: (250) 455-2565

Debbie Abbot
Telephone: (250) 455-2711

Stacey Thom
Telephone: (250) 455-2711


Ashcroft, Lytton

First Nation Location
Oregen Jack Creek Band Ashcroft
Boothroyd Indian Band Boston Bar
Skuppah Indian Band Lytton
Ashcroft Indian Band Ashcroft

The Fraser Thompson Indian Services Society (FTISS) administers training and employment programs for four First Nations communities - Ashcroft, Boothroyd, Skuppah, and Spuzzum.

FTISS encourages the communities to locally define and identify needs and priorities of the communities through employment training programs and services.

FTISS’s main objective is to provide training and/or work experience for members of our communities that have experienced long-term unemployment, enhance the skills of our employed, and to develop a skilled workforce. To achieve these objectives FTISS provides the following programs:

  • Direct Purchase Program
  • Youth Development Program
  • Service Delivery Assistance Program
  • Workplace Training Program
  • Job Development Program
  • Human Resources Investment Fund (Section 25)

Client Services
FTISS offers assistance for a variety of programs to the communities such as financial assistance, calls for proposals, proposal review and approvals, to program training and evaluation.

Individual Community Members
Individuals are required to go through their band, or another Aboriginal organization to access sponsorship funds. Or individuals may use the services provided by the local Human Resource Centre of Canada (employment office).