RiverFresh Wild BC Seafood

RiverFresh Wild BC Seafood

Secwepemc Fisheries Commission has been exploring re-establishing commercial fisheries in upstream locations such as Kamloops Lake and the Thompson River. They have conducted several years of feasibility studies as part of a federal government initiative to improve the viability of BC salmon fisheries. RiverFresh Wild BC Seafood is a new company that will raise the bar for conservation, sustainability, traceability and quality. The goal is to provide high quality salmon products in the most environmentally responsible way. Experience the RiverFresh difference – an optimal balance of health, convenience and value. All RiverFresh salmon products are Ocean Wise recommended and can be purchased at 680 Athabasca Street West, Kamloops, BC.

For more information, visit our webpage or give us a call or e-mail.

Contact Information:

Phone: 778.471.8210
E-mail: info@riverfreshkamloops.com
Website: www.riverfreshkamloops.com


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