Tribal Chief

Tribal Chief is an elected position that affords direction over the nine Bands that make up the Shuswap Nation Tribal Council.

Kukpi7 Wayne Christian, Tribal Chief

He is known as a tireless and passionate advocate for recognition of Aboriginal Title and Rights at the political and grassroots levels for the Indigenous Nations and communities, he believes that the children are our future and the future is right now. Whatever it takes the time is now.

Wayne M. Christian is of Secwepemc ancestry. He is a proud father of seven children and twenty-five Grandchildren. Kukpi7 (Chief) Christian was re-elected for his 6th consecutive 2 -year terms as Chief of Splatsin January 5th 2016. Kukpi7 Christian has worked for over 40 years in establishing healing and health systems for the Indigenous Nations of BC. Christian is currently one of the Tribal Chiefs of the Secwepemc Nation representing 9 of the 17 communities of the Secwepemc Nation with responsibilities’ for Stsmamlth (Children) & Aboriginal Title and Rights.

One of Christian’s greatest strengths is commitment that is firmly rooted in the values, principles and traditions of the Indigenous Nations. His leadership philosophy is based on inclusiveness, historical perspective, a strong belief in our Sovereign land title and rights that are governed by our laws, our values, culture, traditions and our connection with all of creation, he believes strongly that the solutions to the issues in the communities are rooted in the minds, hearts and spirits of the People who will deal with the Government’s legislative genocide.

Press Release Shuswap Nation Tribal Chief Elected by Acclamation – August 19 2021

“Our old people say, “How are we to live? If the government takes our food from us they must give us other food in its place.” Conditions of living have been thrust on us which we did not expect, and which we consider in great measure unnecessary and injurious. We have no grudge against the white race as a whole nor against the settlers, but we want to have an equal chance with them of making a living. We welcome them to this country. It is not in most cases their fault. They have taken up and improved and paid for their lands in good faith. It is their government which is to blame by heaping up injustice on us. But it is also their duty to see their government does right by us, and gives us a square deal. We condemn the whole policy of the B.C. government towards the Indian tribes of this country as utterly unjust, shameful and blundering in every way. We denounce same as being the main cause of the unsatisfactory condition of Indian affairs in this country and of animosity and friction with the whites. So long as what we consider justice is withheld from us, so long will dissatisfaction and unrest exist among us, and we will continue to struggle to better ourselves”

From the Chiefs of the Shuswap, Okanagan and Couteau Tribes of British Columbia
Presented at Kamloops, B.C. August 25, 1910

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