Youth Council

An opportunity for aboriginal youth to learn and develop leadership skills with the help of peers and adult supporters.


The Secwepemc Youth Council is an opportunity for aboriginal youth from the ages of fourteen to twenty nine, to learn and develop leadership skills with the help of peers and adult supporters. The Secwepemc Youth Council nominates a representative who attends the Council of Chiefs’ meetings and has a voting position at this table.

The purpose of the Secwepemc Youth Council is to guide our youth in areas of leadership, governance, title and rights issues, culture, traditions and overall well-being as the future generation of the Secwepemc nation. The Youth Council strives to foster strong confident leaders of tomorrow with the hopes that we may better our future while recognizing and respecting our history.


All are welcome to the Youth Council table. It is recommended that Secwepemc youth from each of the 17 Secwepemc communities participate, and be between the ages of 14-29. The Youth Council is open to First Nations youth who live on or off reserve. It is up to the Youth Council to approve members to the group.

If there are youth who are interested in attending the Youth Council but are from a visiting nation and live within Secwepemcúl’ecw, they will not be excluded.


A different youth will be selected each month to participate in the SNTC Council of Chiefs meetings and to Chair the following SNTC Youth Council meeting of that same month. While at the Council of Chiefs meeting, the appointed Youth Representative will have the power to vote, equal to that of a Chief and an Elder, on SNTC organization matters and initiatives. The responsibility of the selected youth will be to participate at this Chiefs meeting and then they will Chair the next Youth Council meeting and share what they learned. Total time commitment is 1 day and 1 evening within the same month.

We believe this will be an excellent opportunity for youth (ages 14-29) from any of our 9 member communities to gain leadership experience and learn about issues impacting the Secwepemc nation and their community. In an effort to support and encourage our youth to participate, the Representative will receive a $100 honorarium for attending each meeting for a total of $200 to be earned by attending both meetings.

In order to be eligible to participate as a Representative, youth will need to attend an SNTC Youth Council meeting, fill out and submit an application form (attached). Youth will then be added to the schedule and they will be informed about the available dates. Council of Chiefs meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month, typically in Kamloops at the SNTC office, during the business day. Youth Council meetings are typically held the third Monday of each month in Kamloops at the SNTC Office in the evenings.


If you are interested in particpating in this opporunity of being a SNTC Youth Representative, here are three easy steps to submit your application:


Attend a SNTC Youth Council Meeting

  • Typically held the third Monday of each month at the SNTC office in the evening.
  • Check out our Events page for information on our next meeting dates.


Fill out an Application Form

  • Click here for the form.
  • If you are under the age of 18, you need to get the expressed permission from your parent(s)/guardian to participate as a SNTC Youth Council Representative
  • If you are still in school, you need to get the expressed permission from your parent(s)/guardian to miss one day of school in order to participate in the Council of Chiefs Meeting which takes place during the school day


Submit Your Application to SNTC

  • In Person: SNTC Office is located at
    680 Athabasca Street West
    Kamloops BC
  • By Email:
  • By Fax: (778) 471-5804

Please contact (778) 471-8200 or

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